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CodiPOP is a one-stop website for people who are in love with Asian culture in general, and Asian fashion & beauty in particular. The concept of CodiPOP is to introduce the latest trends in Asia inspired by your favorite Asian celebrities, movies, TV series and music. We're also doing our best to search the world wide web to ensure that you will be able to shop these trends with just one click away.
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When you purchase through CodiPOP, you purchase through the retailer. Once you select an item you want to buy, click on the GET IT NOW button and we will take you directly to that retailer where you can securely complete your purchase. The retailer processes your payment, ships your item, and handles all of your customer service needs.
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We're sorry that there may have been a discrepancy between the price you see on CodiPOP and the price on the retailers' website. We're trying our best to improve our system to ensure all the products on CodiPOP are in sync with our featured retailers every day.
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